Student Training Conferences

We are currently offering six weekend training conferences for RUF students. Click on the title for a complete set of materials for that conference track.


1.   Bible Survey – a basic overview of the whole Bible

2.   Knowing and Growing in Grace – basic Christian beliefs and practices

3.   How to Study the Bible – how to discover the meaning of a passage of scripture

4.   How to Share Your Faith– how to tell others simply and clearly the gospel message

5.   Leading Bible Studies – how to prepare and lead a discussion of a passage of scripture

6.   Training Disciples – how to train someone to serve Jesus in a specific role

Track Descriptions contains a more detailed description of each of the conference tracks listed above.

Bible Study Resources contains a set of materials for use in the Bible study tracks.

Brochure Information contains some information you might typically provide on a brochure or announcement for one of these conferences.