December 30, 2018 — Alaska: Last Week

This morning I preached my final sermon at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Kenai, Alaska. It has been a wonderful several weeks, tinged with sadness at not having Ruth with me. I fly out on Wednesday and arrive home on Thursday. Without a pastor, this church has been managing quite well. The people have pitched in… Continue reading December 30, 2018 — Alaska: Last Week

December 23, 2018 — More Alaska

Last week was much like the previous. I exercised, prepared worship and sermons, and worked on spring RUF activities. Last Sunday I moved from the Hadfield house to the Cooks. Britt and Chris are the parents of Peter's wife Megan. They don't have any animals, but they are extremely hospitable. Chris's brother Phil and his… Continue reading December 23, 2018 — More Alaska