November 10, 2019 — Providence, RI

Last Monday I took a day off – a rare thing in the middle of the semester – but I thought it would help me finish the semester strong. I spent the afternoon getting the garden ready for winter. Tuesday was office work: reports, email, etc.

Wendesday I headed east toward Providence to visit the RUF ministry at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. I stopped in New York city for lunch with a friend, Jay Harvey, now executive director of Reformed Theological Seminary’s New York campus. I continued to Providence and that evening I attended the RUF leaders meeting. I met with an intern and several student leaders and attended the prayer meeeting on Thursday. I began Friday with Eddie Park and saw the other intern in the afternoon. I preached at the Large Group Meeting Friday night. This fall saw the largest influx ever of freshmen into Brown/RISD RUF, several of whom I met. It is a large, well-organized ministry, and the student leaders are very impressive. It was a rewarding visit and I returned home yesterday.

Tomorrow I head to Maryland to be on hand for an 8:00 AM meeting of the Chesapeake Presbytery, then head to Vermont.

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