August 23, 2020 — Classes Begin! (Sort of)

This week classes begin at nine of our thirteen RUF ministries in the Mid-Atlantic Area. Pitt began last week, and three others begin next week. But what a surreal beginning! Most classes will be online, and most students will not be on campus as all. Many are hunkered down in their apartments and many are… Continue reading August 23, 2020 — Classes Begin! (Sort of)

August 18, 2020 –Students Return! (Sort of)

In case you weren't aware of this - it's a wild summer! Students are scheduled to return to most campuses this week, and ordinarily RUF would be on hand to welcome them and invite them into our ministry. This year most universities are admitting only a fraction of their students onto campus. The rest will… Continue reading August 18, 2020 –Students Return! (Sort of)