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February 21, 2011
I'm reporting again from the plane, as I return to the Mid-West to visit campus ministers. Last week I flew to Atlanta for a meeting of all the Coordinators. We missed our January meeting due to a snowstorm in Atlanta, so it was good to see everyone again. We discussed progress and problems in all parts of the country. Pray for wisdom as we lead RUF, particularly for Rod Mays, national coordinator. At dinner that evening we entertained ourselves with John Stone's question: if you returned to being a campus minister and could pick any campus, which campus would you choose?

I flew home on Wednesday and drove to Millersville on Thursday to see Rob Ilderton. That ministry is motoring along, and Rob and Jenny are such a good fit for Millersville. I am excited that Rob is launching leadership training this spring. We also had a good time swapping stories with his pastor. Pray for Rob's leadership training coming up.

Friday was one of those rare events - a full day in the office. The result? I worked through about half of my task list. Saturday I got to drive to presbytery with Scott Mitchell and talk about the ministry at Lehigh. He has a good crop of leaders coming into shape. That night Ruth and I saw "A Particularly Dark Night", a choose-your-own-ending rock opera in three acts. It was written and performed by Harry Paul, a Lehigh RUF student, and assisted by Stephen Green. It was fully amateur, amazingly good, and played to a full house. We were extremely impressed!

I had planned to visit Peter and Megan in Wheaton today, but my flight was delayed two hours, so I doubt I will be able to do that. Today I will see Jason Harris at Northwestern, and Wednesday drive to Indiana to see Brian Davis at Purdue. Friday I fly to Newark and join Ruth to drive to Rhode Island for the New England winter conference.
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