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December 3, 2017 -- Office, Ordination, and Lehigh
Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving I spend most of my time on campus, visiting campus ministers. That's what I love about this job! But someday I have to take care of business in the office, and some of these days were in the last two weeks. Kristy is doing a wonderful job as my assistant, but there is a lot to learn. I tried to be available for her to answer questions and continue the orientation process. I assembled the winter newsletter and she sent it to Lehigh for printing and mailing. If you don't receive it, but want to, email our office at

We celebrated Ruth's birthday on Wednesday, and observed Thanksgiving day by repairing our toilet and turning over the garden. I wrote an ordination sermon. On Saturday we drove to Morgantown for Peter's ordination the following day. We attended Mercy Church in the morning and played with the grandchildren in the afternoon. I preached the ordination sermon at the service in the evening, and we drove home on Monday.

Tuesday was my official Lehigh campus visit day. Michael and Natasha Goodlin live two blocks away, and we have seen them several times this fall. On Tuesday Michael and I discussed the progress of his ministry at Lehigh and spent time with some students and his intern. Michael is settling into Lehigh very well. I preached at the Large Group Meeting in the evening.

On Friday I met with several men to discuss a closer connection between RUF and Westminster Seminary, then met with a pastor in West Chester. In between things I prepared for staff training coming up.

So now I'm flying to Denver for a week of staff training. It's wonderful and exhausting. Pray for wisdom and stamina!
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