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September 25, 2017 -- West and East
I'm on my way to Mexico. It seems hard to get time for these reports unless I'm on a bus or in the air.

Two weeks ago I was in Akron, Ohio, visiting Nate and Naomi Bower at the University of Akron. This is the fourth year of that ministry. It was good last year, but it is noticably stronger this year. It is very encouraging to see every element of the ministry improved. I met the new committee chairman and enjoyed seeing Nate's students again. The student leaders are a year more mature, but that still need training. I recommended that Nate take them to join the training Derek Bates does with his students in Pittsburgh.

I visited Trip and Joy Beans at Millersville at the end of the week. Trip is close to having a mature ministry; he'll be there in a couple of years. Trip is taking over the training program that Scott Mitchell took over from me and ran for his nine years here. There's a lot to learn, but Trip will do a fine job with it. I arrived in time for the Large Group Meeting and was pleased to see that it has grown substantially since last year. Ruth came down and joined us for dinner Friday night.

I still don't have an assistant, so the weekends are crammed with administrative details. Pray for an assistant! In the meantime Bonnie Mitchell is helping from Oklahoma with what can be done remotely.

Last Monday I spent the afternoon with Brent Kilman at Rowan University in south Jersey. Brent has made some contacts on campus, but his primary job this fall is raising his support. We spent most of our time working on how to get the funds he needs to maintain this ministry.

On to Dover to visit Daryl and Laria Wattley at Delaware State.
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