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July 23, 2017 -- May, June, July Summary
Here is just an overview of the past several months. On May 5 Ruth and I went to Florida for RUF's national student conference. It was wonderful, as always! During the three weeks over 2,000 students attended. I was sidelined for a week early in the month due to vertigo. Otherwise Ruth and I enjoyed the staff and students who came.

My vertigo returned on May 26, the day we flew home. That made the trip more challenging, but we made it home without major difficulties. The next day I had a stroke. I was in the hospital for the next 11 days, and then in a rehab center for 10 days following. Ruth was an amazing support to me while I was bedridden. The neurologist said that due to the location and relatively small size of the stroke, I should make a full recovery. This was very encouraging. We were also very encouraged by the prayers of hundreds of family, friends, and colleagues.

God graciously granted rapid improvement and I was able to work from the hospital and rehab. I am presently doing outpatient therapy, and am almost back to normal. If I had to plan my life, I'd skip the stroke - but we are very grateful for good medical care and rapid recovery.

I am typing this on the airplane as Ruth and I fly to Atlanta for staff training. I have a full week lined up, but with some opportunities for rest if needed. It's good to be back on the job!
By: David Green On Sunday, 23 July 2017 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(688)

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