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Smart Blog
July 22, 2013 -- Office and Planning
We're on our way to Atlanta. We were on our way yesterday, but the flight was diverted due to thunderstorms. After hours waiting on the plane, we were released in Columbia, SC, and given hotel and meal vouchers. I had to cancel some appointments, but hope to arrive in time to meet with my staff at 1:00.

I was home all last week! Benjamin was at camp, so Ruth and I had the place to ourselves. That has only happened once or twice in our lives. It was terribly hot, so we holed up in our air conditioned living room and worked there. I spent the week planning for this week's staff training and other summer activities.

A new part of staff training is an afternoon to meet together with everyone I supervise. I am looking forward to this opportunity to discuss important matters that affect us all. I will also be teaching several other sessions and meeting individually with my men. Ruth is with me, so it will be an enjoyable week!
By: David Green On Monday, 22 July 2013 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(28063)

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