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December 11, 2012 -- Texas Travels
I woke up to bright sunshine this morning. It's been cool and rainy here. It made me think I was back in Texas...

But before I flew to Texas, Ruth and I flew to Atlanta on November 26 for the last Coordinators meeting of the year. We had a grand time traveling together, and the meeting was nicely productive.

We got home late Wednesday night. I was worn out, but I had a lot to do before departing. I finally pooped out, but made it for my early flight on Thursday.

Texas is not always warm and sunny in December. Some years it has been cold and windy, but this year temperatures reached into the 80s occasionally. I met some people in Dallas on Thursday. Then from Friday to Sunday I traveled to Bossier (Louisiana), Houston, Austin, Temple, and back to Dallas. I had a wonderful time visiting alumni and supporters, and picked up some valuable leads for future campus ministers. It was a whirlwind trip, and I was glad to get back to Dallas Sunday night.

Staff training began early Monday, December 3, meeting with ministers from the Midwest. From there on it was non-stop teaching, meetings, time with each man I supervise, etc. I am very pleased with how the week went. RUF has outstanding people! Pray for God to do great things through us!

I flew home on Friday so I could direct the rehearsal of our church Christmas Program. More on that next week!
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